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A Spiritual Family Reunion to Co-create a New Future
with Barbara Marx Hubbard &
co-teachers Patricia Ellsberg & Patricia Albere
LIVE “Advance”
September 13 – 18, 2015 Earthrise Campus at
IONS in beautiful Petaluma, California

You are passionate about being on the leading edge of evolution and helping humanity make the shift in time through collaborative, joyful action.

We know this because you’ve been part of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s growing movement of conscious evolutionaries.

Do you want to go to the next level of your spiritual awakening WITH a team of like-minded allies for communion, inspiration, and deeper impact on the world?

If so, we’re delighted to share that Barbara and her closest colleagues will be offering a live, intimate “Advance” for you to go to the next level of your evolution and vocation of destiny – as well as to commune, awaken and co-create with extraordinary souls that share your commitment to conscious evolution.

This “Evolutionary Family Reunion,” to use Barbara’s words, will immerse you in the latest insights and evolutionary practices as we continue to pioneer new possibilities for humanity.

Over five beautiful days, we will divine the design of evolution in our lives and in the world and establish ongoing co-creative relationships in a true “communion” of pioneering souls.

You’ll know yourself as a sacred evolutionary being that is part of an emerging co-creative culture, through the mirroring of the group – and “embed” this template in your bones.

Receiving this template is no small thing. It will act as an evolutionary accelerator as your body, heart and mind remember – from this point forward – what it is like to relate to others from your deepest Essence and engage in co-creative soul collaborations.

This experience is, in a word, liberating. It frees you from social facades and lesser agendas, giving you the permission to show up fully, radically, authentically as YOU – not just a separate egoic self but a Universal Self in all your glory. A radiant soul, on a mission.

As the group welcomes you into your unique expression as an awake, empowered evolutionary, you will learn to call others into their authentic divine expression as well.

True to Barbara’s passion, this gathering will very much be a co-created experience with Patricia Ellsberg also teaching, along with YOUR full co-creative participation.

From the intimate group that attends, Barbara aims to form a cohesive core of conscious evolutionaries that can act as a kind of advanced guard for the birthing of a new era, each working in teams to manifest your vocation of destiny.

You’ll experience what it means to work in evolutionary “pods” and discover a true sense of spiritual family, forming long-term bonds that can nourish you for years to come.

We’ll also be activating kundalini practices, which are designed to awaken your evolutionary energy and accelerate your personal transformation, giving you more power for your vocation of destiny.

It will be unforgettable.

Let’s hear from Barbara in her own words:

I am writing to invite you to the first Evolutionary Family Reunion! This is the beginning of a global communion of pioneering souls. We will be creating a new sacred space for humanity.

As Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACES), we are called now to explore, nurture, and give birth within ourselves and the world to a new human and a new humanity. We are called to shift the system from fear to love before a collapse occurs.

As an ACE, you KNOW that our crisis is a birth. We can and indeed MUST go the whole way in our lifetime. We are all members of Generation One. This is it. Now is the time. We are the ones.

It is our purpose, our joy and our privilege to be alive right now as the tipping point of this “Shift of the Ages” to the new humanity.

During this “Advance,” we will join together on an ecstatic journey to become a "new human," which is nothing less than your full potential self at the dawn of the new era of conscious evolution. We will celebrate being "born" into the new field of consciousness arising on Earth, which is generated by the emerging humanity.

Be prepared to enter a resonant field so powerful that you never need go back again to a sense of separation.

Together, we’ll step across the threshold to the next stage of YOUR Conscious Evolution.

You are evolution, self-aware. You have inherited the powers of co-creation. This is the promise of all the great faiths, now being offered to us. In the course of our time together, you will do many things, such as:

  • Participate in a dramatic reading of a new myth: "The 8th Day of Creation: Eve and Yahweh meet again in the Garden," given to me in a down-pouring insight as a new play.
  • Explore and share intuitions of the fulfillment of Eve and Adam.
  • Experience the sacred marriage of the new woman and the new man at the Tree of Life with the powers of gods, all our new capacities turned on for the good, the true and the beautiful.
  • Record your gift in the Book of Life and enact together the Planetary Pentecost.
  • Discover and empower the new archetypes in you: Feminine Co-Creator, the Masculine Co-Creator, Universal Humans embodying the Impulse of Evolution.
  • Incarnate the highest frequencies of your Universal Self.
  • Experience transformation, transubstantiation and Self – Calibration (finding your right place in the social body).
  • Envision your participation in co-creating the new social body as your full potential self, focusing on a 2020 Vision for the New Co-creative Society.

As we join in evolutionary communion and are each liberated to speak the inner words of Spirit in our own language, the walls between us will start coming down. We will feel the ecstasy of the actual collective awakening of our species’ god-like powers infused with unconditional love.

We will begin to feel the Noosphere getting its collective eyes through US, and infuse the awakening nervous system of humanity with your love and creativity.

We will give reality to our visions and make them real in our world.

Patricia Ellsberg and I are so delighted to join together to offer this as THE most extraordinary Advance that we have ever conceived.

We ourselves have been experiencing an embodiment of the Universal Human. We have been practicing our own conscious evolution. We are no longer teaching about the evolution. We are transmitting and embodying the Impulse of Evolution within ourselves, to all participants. We are literally creating a morphogenetic field of shared resonance and inner expression.

During this Advance we invite you to do the same, as we become voices of evolution together, ever more potent, connected pioneers of the emerging world.

Join us for this five-day sacred journey as members of a consciously evolving family of humanity.

The highly experiential format is designed for Agents of Conscious Evolution like you to activate every level of your body, mind and soul. You will receive a profound initiation that will help you awaken to a life rich with community – one that is filled with joy, love and service to the important changes of our times.

All of this will take place in a beautiful and healing setting. The Earthrise Retreat Center in Northern California sits on 200 acres of rolling oak-studded hills, offering stunning views and sublime peacefulness – wholesome, healthy food, made from ingredients from the campus gardens, is also included! It is the home campus for The Shift Network, and you’ll have a chance to personally connect with many of the leaders you’ve seen from a distance as well.

If you have yearned to go beyond glimpses of an expanded state to a life in which you sustain this higher frequency and create your life and larger work from there – no matter WHAT your age – this is the event for you.

Note that this special retreat is the only one that we will offer in 2015 with Barbara and is limited to only 50 registrants. We expect all the slots will be taken by the more than 3900 graduates of Barbara’s programs, so if you are feeling called to participate, please read the detailed description below and sign up right away to reserve your spot.

We invite you to the greatest adventure on Earth!


What you will experience during The Agents Of Conscious Evolution Immersion:

Sunday Evening

Welcome to the Adventure!

On this first evening Barbara will set the scene, touch on aspects of her own evolutionary experience since Birth 2012, and invite participants to share their own experiences since saying “YES!” to the greatest evolutionary adventure of all time.

The journey will begin with powerful, guided meditation with Patricia Ellsberg and an invocation of intention for the subsequent five days, and beyond.

Our Evolutionary Family will form. We’ll explore ways that we can empower each other to become our full potential selves during the ‘advance’ and when we step out and into the world as active pioneers of the New Humanity.

Music will help stimulate the Impulse of Creation and together we will affirm our intentions, lovingly signalling to it that we are ready to emerge AS higher consciousness.

Old memetic codes that have destroyed millions of human beings and entire species of animals and plants are dying. In their place, new memetic codes are arising on which to build our work and success as Conscious Evolutionaries.

On Day 1, Barbara will call upon the impulse of evolution to take us the whole way in becoming Universal Humans. Patricia Ellsberg will establish the resonant field in which we will envision the evolution of our species at the dawn of the first age of Conscious Evolution.

We’ll evoke the power of the creative force of universal evolution within us, animating and activating it as never before. You’ll learn to form Universal Human Pods – small group structures that enjoin us and act as lightning rods for the divine.

Midday, you’ll have time for lunch, silence and rest, walks around the stunning center grounds, and contemplation, journaling, and connecting with other members of your new Evolutionary Family.

The afternoon will be dedicated to Eros, Teleros and the Universal Love Story. We’ll deepen our exploration of Conscious Evolution as the new worldview of optimum potential for humanity, and cultivate resonance and revelation for its manifestation.

Barbara will share from her forthcoming book The Universe: A Love Story, coauthored with Daniel Schmachtenberger. Together, we will discover that love is the direction, process, purpose and promise of evolution itself.

In the evening, we’ll utilize the Wheel of Co-creation as a contextual social symbol for the next stage of our evolution and a new form of social love – and cocreate a sacred space to quicken our own evolutionary potential.

On this first day, we will:

  • Experience the Creative Impulse coming through each of us
  • Summon the power of imagination to deepen the neural pathways encoding it in your psyche and body
  • Learn how to form Universal Human Pods
  • Cocreate the DNA for a new planetary culture
  • Allow fulfillment of our intention to be revealed and activated within us.
  • Discover a new form of social love, anchoring the new sacred space for conscious evolution at the Hub of the Wheel
  • Recognize that in resonance we co-create the innovations, resources, technologies and know-how to make the world work for everyone.

On Day 2, you will dive into an evolutionary approach to the fundamental problem facing humanity – the exaggerated illusion of separation.

The problem facing humanity from the beginning has been an abnormal illusion that we are separate from Spirit, nature and each other.

Each of us has within ourselves a whole community of wounded, local selves that feel separate from Essence, acting as inner critics and goading to us toward improvement – yet often upsetting us deeply and distracting us from our Essence.

Barbara will use her story of being dominated by her compulsive local selves and discovery her Essential Self to describe the nature of the Essential Self and the local selves.

Rather than abandon, medicate or expel the local selves, you’ll learn practices for healing them, releasing them from the excruciating pain of separation and uniting them with the Beloved.

We’ll engage in a sacred ceremony that will invite the Beloved to take dominion, as well learn how to form a Universal Human Pod, a revelatory way of sharing and speaking as Essence.

During Day 2 you will:

  • Create an Inner Sanctuary of peace and inspiration where you leave behind the concerns and pressures of daily life.
  • Shift the “I” of your identity to your Essential Self.
  • Discover and deepen your connection to your Essential Self as you recall times of inspiration and guidance.
  • Identify and integrate the specific qualities of your Essence that you most love – such as joy, peace, security, wholeness and wisdom.
  • Imagine the Essential Self, your Inner Beloved, is incarnating, entering your body/mind and transforming it.
  • Become familiar with your wounded local selves and troubling aspects of your personality and begin to experience them as facets of your Essential Self.
  • Heal long-held sacred wounds within you, and transform limiting beliefs into strategies that empower you.
  • Surrender the “figure-it-out” mind and instead, access higher intuition.

On the morning of Day 3, you will begin to embody your full potential self. Barbara will transmit the 52 Codes of Conscious Evolution in the voice of the Universal Self, also known as “The Word,” and invite you to do the same, making what was once spirit, flesh.

This aural alchemical process will create a resonant field to hold the highest frequencies of being for everyone present and that will extend to the larger, emerging Evolutionary Family.

In smaller pods, you’ll share one of the Codes and attempt to maintain the frequencies of deeper communion and communication as a steady state, a vital capability as you go forth in the world as a New Human.

In preparation for the afternoon, we’ll explore the process of becoming a wholly integrated Universal Human, deepen our work in the Universal Pod and fuse with our Essential Selves.

Having worked with the Universal Self on the personal level, the afternoon will be dedicated to “interbeing.” Patricia Albere, founder of the Mutual Awakening Process will guide us in an experience of the Universal Self as a collective reality.

On Day 3, you will be invited to

  • Allow in the energy of your own full potential and life callings
  • Emit from your heart the energetic field that will help birth the full potential of every member of your new Evolutionary Family
  • Share the deeper vision of each person’s potential within the pod
  • Join with one another’s potential and form a “multi-human cell” far greater than the sum of our individual selves
  • Participate in the Mutual Awakening Process, in which the Universal Self becomes a collective reality.

According to the Story of Creation in the Christian tradition, “On the 7th Day God rested.”

On Day 4, we will act out a new ending to the Story of Creation on Earth, expressed in Barbara’s inspired myth, “8th Day of Creation,” when humanity woke up at the Tree of Life with the powers of gods.

During the reunion of the Cosmic Family, Lucifer goes home to God and The New Adam and the New Eve experience the Sacred Marriage at the Tree of life, reclaiming the Garden at the next stage of evolution.

The peoples of Earth are invited to place their gifts in the Book of life. A grand celebration occurs.

This is a call for actors in a new play to come forth upon the stage of history. In the afternoon, we’ll participate in a dramatic reading of the Cosmic Family Reunion, with an inspired cast taking part in bringing alive this new ending for all of Creation.

On Day 4, you will:

  • Be invited to act out a new, evolutionary ending for the Story of Creation and the New Humanity.
  • Become responsible for powers that once belonged to the gods, which will transform all of humanity.
  • Embrace the New Human story and your essential role in its unfoldment.
  • Celebrate the reunion of the Cosmic Family

On Day 5, you will experience you and your new Evolutionary Family already being born as a universal species into a universe of infinite intelligence and love.

The New Humanity has arrived...

As the resonance builds, we envision a world of light, innovation and creativity and help manifest entirely new systems and technologies that allow every living being to thrive.

Stephen Dinan, CEO of the Shift Network will join us to share more about his Vision 2020 in the context of evolutionary potential of the Wheel of Life.

Together, we’ll envision vast celebrations of the arrival of ONE, Global Family, as well as our next steps on this Evolutionary Adventure, leading up to 2020, the next big milestone for the New Humanity.

On Day 5, you will:

  • Infuse the first global communion of pioneering souls light and love that envelope the entire planet to accelerate a broader shift in human consciousness
  • Define the next steps for you and other pioneering souls present
  • Set your intentions going forward for sharing the “Word”
  • Receive clear guidance for living in your Essence after the gathering, even when the world seems to deny or rebel against this profound evolutionary shift in consciousness

What People Are Saying About
Barbara Marx Hubbard

If you are an evolutionary and you are riding the waves of deep change in this changing and challenging world and you want to make a difference and contribute to a more peaceful, joyous and loving world, you don’t want to miss the insightful, evolutionary and loving teachings and sharing of a wonderful role model for conscious evolution that is our dear beloved Barbara Marx Hubbard and the wonderful and visionary friends she teaches with. You are not alone in your evolutionary consciousness and sharing with an enlightened community of kindred spirits makes all the difference in the world.
~ Adriana Colotti Comel, Mexico City, Mexico

I find myself marveling at Barbara’s capacity to be both authentically living from her Essence, while also allowing her most vulnerable human self to be present. She is a great model of inspiration for what it means to live with passion and enthusiasm, at any age. Just being in her presence (her laugh!) consistently fills me with joy. And WOW, her guests include leading edge evolutionists that share relevant wayshower skills, but more importantly, ignite powerful ripple effects through the participants to co-create a hopeful, collaborative, sustainable future.
~ Celeste Hamman, Austin, TX

One of the biggest insights has been to see how much great wonder and passion is happening across the globe. To learn about and connect with these amazing people has been life changing. The weekly sessions are an integral part of my week and I can feel the transformation becoming more embodied. Each week I connect with someone or something that deeply moves me, and I can feel the change permeate my being.
>~ Nikki Thompson Roma, Queensland, Australia

Being with Barbara on this marvelous journey is far-reaching, exciting, challenging, and non-threatening. It will surface more questions and give you tools to accompany them into the next cycle of evolution and personal transformation.
~ Pam Falkowski, Vancouver & Long Island

Barbara was for me to teacher that appeared at exactly the right moment while I am in an exciting, inspiring but at times also confusing and overwhelming transition in my life. Barbara’s teachings really made me so much more aware of my interconnectedness to all human beings on the planet and empowered me to make my biggest contribution and enrich my life at the same time. Life transforming!
~ Anna Herremans, Panama City, Panama

Through the past months with Barbara, her luminary guests and my evolutionary circle I have come into a much deeper knowing of my own soul calling...I clearly know that the time spent in communion with her and others has brought distinctions for me as to what my next steps will be along my path and has inspired me to move forward and declare who I am in my fullest expression.
~ Gaye Abbott, Austin, TX

Barbara has guided me to look for what is good. To accept that the old paradigm is crumbling and to let it be.. and to focus our attention on what is working ... and now eventually becoming innovative, exploring new ways of being and thinking that support a precious new paradigm that we the people are co-creating together... and it feels good.. People used to talk about how we are all one and I didn’t really get it... I get it now.. From an evolutionary perspective we are now REALLY recognising ourselves as a whole organism with an evolving consciousness ...we have the power to direct our future ....and that is exciting... If you would like to more deeply connect with your passion, your vocational arousal...feel more empowered... and contribute to co-creating a world that is compassionate, caring, just, loving creative and sustainable, then get involved... you will be pleased you did!
~ Mia Peace Cairns, Qld Australia

Barbara Marx Hubbard is co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. An evolutionary educator, speaker and social innovator, she is the author of six books communicating the new worldview of conscious evolution, including the bestselling Birth 2012 and Beyond.

In 1945, when she was 15 years old, the first atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. This terrible act prompted Barbara to ask the fundamental question: “What is the meaning of our new power that can be used for the good? And “What are positive images of the future equal to these new powers?” This defining moment propelled her on her life’s quest to find answers to these questions. The insights she has gained has led to her definitive message of hope that “our crisis is a birth” of a more universal human and universal humanity.

As a co-founder of The Evolutionary Leaders Council she is co-chairing with Andrew Cohen a global dialogue on The Meaning of Conscious Evolution. Barbara is also the subject of a recent biography by Neale Walsch entitled: The Mother of Invention: The Legacy of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Future of You.

She is currently the producer and narrator of an award-winning, on-going DVD series entitled “Humanity Ascending: A New Way through Together.” Part One: Our Story, translated into seven languages, has been selected for the prestigious Spiritual Cinema Circle. Part Two: Visions of a Universal Humanity, now brings together cutting-edge scientific, social and spiritual visionaries to create a positive vision of our future equal to our new capacities.

In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket, calling for a “Peace Room” as sophisticated as our war room, to scan for, map, connect and communicate what is working in America and the world.

As a citizen diplomat in the former Soviet Union during the 1980’s she co-chaired a number of Soviet-American Citizen Summits, introducing a new form of conferencing called SYNCON to foster synergistic convergence. This model brings opposing groups and functions together to seek common goals and match needs and resources including the growing edge of human capacities, spiritual, social and scientific/technological of the whole system.

Patricia Ellsberg is a social change activist, workshop and tele-seminar leader, life e coach and public speaker. In 1971, she helped her husband, Daniel Ellsberg, release to the press the Pentagon Papers, a top secret history of US involvement in Vietnam, which helped end the Vietnam War. The Oscar nominated documentary, "The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers," tells the riveting story of this era and Daniel and Patricia’s role in changing history. A central theme of her life has been bridging spiritual experience with social activism. Working closely with her sister, Barbara Marx Hubbard, in furthering social transformation through Conscious Evolution, Patricia guides people to make a shift from ego to essence, so they live with greater joy, purpose and meaning. Patricia’s special gift as a coach is transmitting and helping people access a profound sense of joy and wellbeing through the artful use of guided meditation. She is currently coaching and teaching The Emergence Process and her own teleseminars on the theme of “Finding Mother-Love Within.”

Stephen Dinan is the CEO of The Shift Network and a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council and Evolutionary Leaders group. As the former Director of Membership and Marketing at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, he was the driving force behind the Shift in Action program. He is also the author of Radical Spirit(New World Library), and a forthcoming book Sacred America, Sacred World. Stephen directed and helped to create the Esalen Institute’s Center for Theory & Research, a think tank for leading scholars, researchers, and teachers to explore human potential frontiers.

Patricia Albere is the founder of the Evolutionary Collective and an internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and author. Her unique discovery of the essential components that create an awakened “we space” is transforming our understanding of what is possible in the space between us and in creating new fields of higher collective consciousness. Her work creates a powerful field of shared consciousness that reveals previously unimagined potentials for human development that can and are moving humanity far beyond the limits of personal growth.

The Retreat Center

Our gathering will be hosted at EarthRise, a beautiful, semi-rural conscious living center located within the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) campus. This is also the office headquarters for The Shift Network, and you’ll have an opportunity to engage with senior Shift leaders during the time with Barbara.

The Setting

Enjoy being amid 194 acres of rolling hills, where hiking trails meander through pristine native live oak woodlands and the surrounding open space offers panoramic vistas of the California landscape. A beautiful meditative labyrinth made of river stones lies high on the hill overlooking the valley below.

Other special features include a beautiful permaculture garden that provides fruits and vegetables for the kitchen, a meditation hut nestled in a peaceful oak grove, a sweat lodge, a fire circle and multiple sitting areas for quiet contemplation.


Local ingredients are the inspiration for the cooking and include luscious organic fruits and vegetables, free range poultry, hormone-free meat and dairy products and extraordinary cheeses. They use organic produce from local farmers and their own permaculture garden whenever possible. The chef draws upon flavors and techniques from around the world to create a diverse cuisine with alluring flavors.


EarthRise provides sleeping accommodations in a mix of single, double and couple rooming options. All of the rooms have recently been renovated, and are simply and attractively appointed with a desk, a clothing bureau, linens, blankets and towels, and include access to a shared kitchen for tea and coffee. All housing accommodations are situated near to one another and next to the retreat space.


EarthRise at IONS is located just 35 minutes north of San Francisco. It is easily accessible from the East Bay and North Bay, as well as from San Francisco.

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Co-Create A New Future

As you may know, this is a rare opportunity to learn directly from a master teacher and connect with a global community of like minds and hearts who are doing this important and transformative inner work.

If you’re serious about conscious evolution, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones – and our world – to join this one-of-a-kind gathering.

If you’re ready to join with your spiritual family to co-create a new future, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

Join the Advance

The 5-day gathering will take place from September 13-18, 2015. Plan to arrive at the retreat center by 5:00pm Pacific on September 13 and depart from the retreat center after 3:00pm Pacific on September 18.

Register now:

$1325 tuition

Room and meals for the week are additional, starting with dinner on Sunday and ending with lunch on Friday:

Commuter – $530 (meals only)
Shared room – $955 (room + meals)
Single Room – $1180 (room + meals)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: The retreat is refundable until June 13, 2015 minus a $200 processing fee. After June 13th, the retreat is 50% refundable until July 30, 2015 minus the $200 processing fee. After that point, due to the hard costs of this retreat, your payment is nonrefundable.

Q: Are there scholarships available?
A: No, since we have a hard limit on the number of participants at the retreat site, we won’t have space for full scholarships. A few work trade positions are available at a reduced fee. Email to learn more.

Q: If I have any further questions, how can I reach Customer Support?
A: Email: or call us at 415-223-7565.