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Many smart, spiritually conscious women long to live radiant, beautiful lives. Yet this dream sometimes seems unreachable. If you're anything like other women you might:

  • Occasionally feel disconnected from your authentic self, feeling dull instead of genuinely ALIVE inside.
  • Spend money and time trying to feel good, but still have
    low self-esteem.
  • Long to be a part of a larger community of women who really celebrate each other SHINING and giving our greatest gifts.

You are not alone!

Deep inside, you know you are here to be an amazing, radiant woman. And you also likely feel that being a woman is a great blessing, with unique gifts for yourself and the world. One of those gifts is the expression and creation of beauty. And yet it is a quality that so many of us women find confusing, upsetting and frustrating.

Each year we women spend billions and billions on beauty products and fashion. As society and the media plaster us with images about what it means to be a beautiful woman, most of us try to fit the mold to some degree, even while we might rebel against the relentless consumer pressure.

We get great haircuts and spend money on the latest trends. We may diet to get our weight down. We buy skin care products to reduce signs of aging. Unwanted hairs are waxed, skin is polished and hair is dyed.

But all this spending isn’t leading us to become any happier or more fulfilled. Instead, a recent study by U Penn shows that we women are unhappier than we have been in 35 years. Though we have made gains in every area -from education to sexual freedom to our place in the work force-these gains don’t translate into actual contentment.

So what’s the problem here?

The problem is that we are looking in the wrong places to find a sense of meaning, value and fulfillment. These qualities are not bought and sold in a store, but come from a deep connection to our own radiance and inner beauty. Real beauty is a divine blessing that comes from within.

Unlike beauty that comes from the latest skin care product, this true beauty is an inherent part of our being and can expand as we age. And yet it’s been covered over and suppressed for so many women. We’ve disconnected from our true nature.

But the good news is that there’s a path to reconnect to your feminine radiance and live from a place of fulfillment.

We call that path the Beauty Way.

The Beauty Way is a spiritual path, a way of living. It is a lens through which we can see and experience life as a woman. It is an invitation to create beauty, to look for beauty, to live AS beauty in terms of the way we treat others and ourselves.

When we experience something truly beautiful, it can open us tothe splendor of the universe and allow it to bathe us in its sweet embrace. Whether it be a gorgeous landscape, the intoxicating smell of a rose in full bloom, an exquisite piece of music, or a mouth-watering morsel of food, when our senses are titillated and deeply experienced, we create a portal to commune with our true essence. That essence is pure, radiant and divine.

And while it’s deeply nourishing to experience the beauty all around us, it’s most satisfying to reconnect to our own INNER source of beauty, which we describe as our radiant essence.

Radiant essence is the true nature of our soul and is sometimes called our inner light. As we uncover the blockages and heal the wounds that prevent us from accessing that radiance, we open into a state of deep love-starting with a love for ourselves. When we are filled with this love, we are happy. We are free. And we come home to ourselves. And lo and behold, we become more beautiful as people witness that sparkle in us.

So how do we connect with our radiant essence?

Through our work with hundreds of women, we’ve developed a step-by-step process to help you to peel back the layers of conditioning, wounding, and self-sabotage and open to your PLEASURE and your JOY. Join us for a journey into a whole new relationship with your self and your beauty.

Introducing the Beauty Way Course

Beauty is highly sought after but its source is often misunderstood. It is much less about wearing the “right” clothes or having the “right” body but of connecting with the divine essence at your core and then aligning your body, emotions, appearance, and life with that inner wellspring of joy.

This course offers you important keys to a juicier and more satisfying way of being, as well as a journey of discovery for the spiritual dimensions of beauty. We see this as part of the return of the feminine that is needed to heal our culture and our world

A woman who is living with passion, vitality, and purpose is beautiful, regardless of her outer form.

In the 8 week Beauty Way Course, you’ll:

  • Release deep-seated beliefs about your own beauty and self-worth.
  • Create daily and weekly practices that feed your feminine side and amplify your joy.
  • Connect with your soul and align your life with your purpose.
  • Heal old patterns of relating and find greater grace in your relationships with both women and men.
  • Differentiate between beauty to please an “other” and beauty as an expression of your true Self.
  • Learn the keys to activating and maintaining your feminine radiance.
  • Open doorways to greater pleasure and ecstasy in your body.
  • Explore more aspects of your full femininity in a way that leads to greater freedom.
  • Create your image as a reflection of the essence of your soul.
  • Align your body, clothes, home, and environment with the principle of beauty without being a slave to consumer trends.
  • Learn how to be more magnetic to attract the things you truly desire.
  • Experience the healing magic of an empowering community of sisters from around the world.

About Our Community

When you join the Beauty Way Course, you also become an integral part of our Inspiring Women Community. You’ll have the opportunity to be part of an ongoing “feminine radiance circle” that will connect on the phone during our live calls--so you’ll get to know a smaller group of women on a deeper level and meet new soulful friends. You’ll also have access to a private communitynetwork where we can all share our insights, inspirations, blogs, events, and MORE! The friendship and support that is developed between the women in our courses has been truly heart-warming. And the caliber of people who are participating with us has been off the charts!

In a survey of people in our most recent course, the majority of women reported that they’ve built relationships and support networks they plan to continue beyond the end of the course. They also shared that the online forum and network has been an unexpected yet invaluable asset!

What People Say About Working with Devaa Haley Mitchell

"Devaa is a living example of the Evolutionary Woman arising in our midst. Combining brilliant intellect, business experience, spiritual development and now a major outreach into the world to assist is all in our evolution, she is a loving and inspiring woman leading us forward in the 21st century."

~ Barbara Marx Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

"I've met a lot of teachers, healers, and leaders in my years on the speaking circuit. When I wanted to dive deeper with my work and share from a new level of vulnerability, I turned to Devaa. She helped me lead from my authenticity, connect with my depth, and open in ways that proved energizing and effective. Her support enabled me to go to a whole new level in my public presentation and bring new qualities to my leadership. She helped me in a million ways that I cannot even describe. I am blessed by her presence. Thank you Devaa!"

~ Marci Shimoff, Best-Selling author with over 14 million books sold, including Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul and Happy for No Reason

"The time (or should I say timelessness) that I spent with Devaa was profound. After years of seeing all kinds of 'experts' I can honestly say the time with Devaa broke something loose and now I feel burden-free, as well as much lighter and more joyful. I recommend her work to anyone who is ready to fly."

~ Marcia Wieder, CEO and Founder Dream University

"Working with Devaa has been one of the more poignant, fulfilling and empowering of my life experiences to date. Both of these women are extremely gifted in identifying and bringing out the strengths, skills and beauty of each individual that they come into contact with. In my own work with them, I have felt continuously seen, heard and held by their unique feminine presence, which is sometimes amazingly gentle and compassionate and at other times fierce and full of fire-- igniting my own inner flame. Always, they come from love. I highly recommend Devaa to any woman who desires to blossom into her full leadership potential."

~ Suraya Susana Keating, MFT, Registered Drama Therapist

"A lot has shifted in my life since working with Devaa. I feel clearer, more free, and have more energy. It's also been deeply healing for my heart. I feel a growing empowerment to step into my own leadership as a healer, guide and musician!"

~ Kendra Faye, Musician, Healer, Yoga Instructor, Raw Food Chef

"After working with Devaa, I feel so much more connected to my heart, purpose, passion, and a deep sense of my personal spirit. The authenticity practiced in the gatherings has brought me closer to my true essence."

~ Joan Ivazes, Singer/Songwriter/Sound Healing Practitioner

"When I met Devaa, I was trying to figure out my next steps, I wasn't clear on my direction, and I was scared. Together we explored my professional and personal strengths and my connection to Source. Devaa's guidance supported me to find my confidence and authentic power. Her deep wisdom, patient listening, and reflecting were instrumental in my personal process. The work we did has encouraged my heart to stay open and fearless, beginning afresh, every day. I am very grateful. Thank you Devaa!!"

~ Annabella Roig, MS, MPH

"Devaa could be called a spiritual midwife, assisting people in the birthing their inner-selves. She empowers you, assists you, gently encourages you, and honors you for your efforts. With Devaa's impeccable assistance, I was able to go through what is so far the most powerful experience of my life. I am extremely grateful!"

~ Nathalie Daneau, Intuitive Coach and Counselor

Course Details

Our journey together will take place over 8 sessions:

Session 1

Connecting to our True Beauty with Devaa Haley Mitchell

Beauty is our natural, inherent state of being. We are born as a bright light. Yet through our life experience, most of us have experienced a dimming of that light. But the good news is that the light is still present, it’s just covered with layers of conditioning and self-protection. With this first session, we’ll begin to liberate the light at our core.

  • Explore what beauty means to you and learn how to have more of it in your life.
  • Discover your personal “beauty keys” for unlocking your own heart and enjoy the boundless joy waiting for you.
  • Identify what has been in the way of you expressing your deep soul beauty.
  • Learn tools to begin clearing those blocks once and for all, so you can shine as the true beauty that you are.
Session 2

The Power of Pleasure with Sabine Grandke-Taft

In our hyper-masculine Western world, we desperately need to rediscover our bodies and the pleasure that is inherent in them. Sabine will show us all how to deeply connect with our sensuality and experience pleasure in every moment. Yum!

  • Learn ways to find instant pleasure that costs nothing and changes your life.
  • Understand how your own pleasure is your most powerful feminine gift to yourself and the world.
  • Feel how you can turn your life around by finding the pleasure you want inside.
  • Reconnect to your sensual awareness the prerequisite for a fulfilling sexuality.
Session 3

Expressing Your Radiant Essence with Devaa Haley Mitchell

Our collective future depends on igniting the full potential of women and girls. It is time for us to each step into our full feminine radiance and offer our deepest gifts-in connection with others who are doing the same. Together, we can create the lives we truly want to live and a world that works for all.

  • Learn to walk the beauty way, and watch the world around you shift for the better.
  • Experience a step-by-step process to connect with your radiance at a body, mind and soul level, and begin to live from this place.
  • Enjoy the “Rite of Real Nurturance” and open to new realms of ecstasy.
  • Find new ways to express the beauty that you ARE, and find deep fulfillment in doing so.
Session 4

Body Embraced with Neelama Eyres

Your relationship with your body holds the key to discovering the unique sensuality, aliveness and natural radiance within you. This Body Embraced session will allow you to feel the joy and freedom of being in your own skin.

  • Uncover a deeper relationship with your body that is built on trust, intuition, awareness and healing.
  • Experience freedom from the history and judgments associated with your body.
  • Find "right relationship" with your body, which automatically creates beauty and balance both inside and out.
  • Find the beautiful gems gleaned from your difficult experiences of life and claim back your power.
Session 5

Opening to Intimacy: Embracing the Love, Lover & Beloved with Chameli Ardagh

We are all hungry to have deep, intimate relationships with our loved ones and friends. And yet it’s not always easy to keep the channels clear and open between us. Learn how to live AS the love you want in your life.

  • Know that the love that you are seeking lives inside of you. Learn practices that will support you in experiencing this truth-and notice the liberation you feel!
  • Deepen your connection to your own your feminine receptivity, so you can fully let love IN. Rest in your "feminine soul center" which is magnetic and attractive.
  • Make a commitment to embody love yourself, instead of waiting for the perfect partner, or for your partner to become perfect.
  • Participate in a process that will prepare you for a soul marriage with your true beloved--yourself
  • Learn to navigate competitive dynamics that often prevent us from having intimate connections with both men and women.
Session 6

Exploring the Shadow Side of Beauty with Devaa Haley Mitchell & Elayne Kalila Doughty

Underneath it’s pretty face, beauty has a dark side. Take a deeper look at the beauty industry and YOURSELF to bring it all out of the shadow and into the light. Know that you are not alone.

  • Understand the ways that the beauty industry is devastating our bodies and our planet with its harsh chemicals and unsustainable practices-so you can make more informed choices about the products you consume.
  • Deepen your intimacy with other women by sharing your reactions to media images of beauty.
  • Take a self-inventory of the shadow aspects of beauty that are likely holding you back from finding deep fulfillment.
  • Understand the ways that vanity, comparison and jealousy short-circuit your own energy supply and learn how to deal with them.
  • Experience less shame and guilt around your own shadow side of beauty as these topics are brought into the light.
Session 7

Claim Your Crown: How to Show-Up as Your Authentic Feminine Self with Liana Chaouli

Is it possible to change your life by changing the way you present yourself? The clothes we choose to wear and the way we choose to show-up (or hide) reveals how we perceive ourselves, how we wish others to perceive us, as well as our level of self esteem. Discover your authentic selfand how to reflect this truth in what you wear.

  • Learn to make a statement about who you truly ARE and how you show-up without even saying a word.
  • Discover how to reflect your authentic self through your presence and your wardrobe.
  • Find out how to attract other people to you by wearing clothes that invite, rather than distance others.
  • Learn to “dress your age” with flare. Find ways to compose a wardrobe that accents your maturity and reflects your vibrant spirit.
Session 8

Celebrating the Beauty that We ARE with Devaa Haley Mitchell

After a long adventure together, it’s time to celebrate our successes and reflect on the path we’ve traversed. It’s also time to set-up a process for maintaining your soul beauty through time...

  • Review our journey of the Beauty Way and celebrate the progress that ways that your true beauty has been liberated to shine.
  • Receive affirmation from your peers about the ways they have witnessed the blossoming of your true beauty through our program.
  • Learn the “Soul Beauty Rejuvenation Practice” for times when you need a quick beauty lift.
  • Design your personal “Beauty Aid Kit” to support you in maintaining your radiance over time.

Free Bonuses

An Indigenous Perspective of the Beauty Way
The Beauty Way is a core part of the Native American worldview. Join us to learn more about this way of seeing the world, and how you can incorporate it into your own life, with one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Workshop on Manifesting the Love of Your Life with Arielle Ford.
Finding true love is possible for any one at any age if you’re willing to prepare your self, on all levels, to become a magnet for love. As you reconnect with the love that you are at your core, the Universe will deliver love back to you.

  • Find out the #1 secret to finding your mate and keeping the love alive.
  • Learn techniques, rituals, visualizations and prayers to help prepare your body, mind, spirit and home for an amazing relationship.
  • Harness the power of the law of attraction to manifest love and abundance in your life.

Learn more about our wonderful Teachers:

Rev. Devaa Haley Mitchell is honored to be hosting the Inspiring Women Summit. She is a core part of the teaching faculty at the Shift Network, with programs focused on women's awakening and leadership. She also works as a spiritual guide with ongoing programs through the organization she founded, Radiant Essence Services (

Devaa was ordained as an interfaith minister by the Chaplaincy Institute and also received a BA in Anthropology with Honors and an MA in International Development from Stanford University. She was awarded a fellowship from the Fulbright Foundation, which she used to conduct research in the Brazilian Amazon on sustainable economic development for local indigenous groups using culturally and ecologically appropriate strategies. Devaa was also one of 26 contributors to a book called Radical Spirit, which focuses on Gen-X spiritual perspectives.

Devaa served as the Director of Member Engagement at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), an organization bridging science and spirituality. Previously, she was the Founder and Executive Director of the Full Circle Fund, dedicated to building a new generation of civic leaders. Devaa also worked as an Associate Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group where she offered management advice to Fortune 500 Companies.

A core part of Devaa's path includes sacred music. Her debut album of songs honoring 13 aspects of the divine feminine is due out in the Fall of 2010. See for downloads of her music.

Elayne Kalila Doughty MA, MFT, founder of Planet Breathe and The Soul Spa, is a Psychotherapist, Coach, Spiritual Guide, Speaker, and Women’s Empowerment expert. With her extensive background in addictions, recovery, trauma, mental health and spiritual guidance she has over 20 years experience of supporting and guiding women from all walks of life in their deep healing work.
Elayne is the author of the Planet Breathe Soul Cards and The Soul Spa Experience Meditation Series- both which blend clinical expertise, artistic creativity and deep soulful wisdom to empower women to live their “greater than imagined possibilities”. It is her privilege and honor to assist women to recover, discover and awaken to their innate, beauty, power and potential.
Elayne designs and implements global programs that promote trauma healing, empowerment, and actively seed the vision of a world where women are respected, adored and revered. Her work is profoundly informed by the knowing that healing women and girls is paramount to the survival and evolution of our communities, our humanity, and our planet. Currently Elayne is working with Eve Ensler (the Vagina Monologues) and her foundation, , on co-creating the design and implementation of The Trauma Healing and Leadership Empowerment Program at the City of Joy in Bukavu, Congo. This transformational program will seed women leaders at a grass roots level throughout the Congo.
Elayne is a sought after teacher and speaker in the field of Women’s Empowerment, and has a private practice seeing in person clients in the Bay Area and globally via the internet.

Arielle Ford is a leading pioneer and personality in the personal growth and contemporaryspirituality movement. For the past 25 years she has been living, teaching, and promotingconsciousness through all forms of media. Her stellar career includes years as a prominent bookpublicist, author, literary agent, TV lifestyle reporter, television producer, Sirius radio host,publishing consultant, relationship expert, speaker, columnist and blogger for the Huffington Post.

As the president of The Ford Group, Arielle was widely recognized as America's foremost bookpublicist and was instrumental in launching the careers of many NY Times bestselling self-helpauthors including Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Neale Donald Walsch,and Debbie Ford.

Arielle is also a gifted writer and the author of seven books including the HOT CHOCOLATE FOR THE MYSTICAL SOUL series, and her most recent, THE SOULMATE SECRET, now in a4th printing and 20 languages.

Arielle is one of the founding partners of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, a subscriber-based monthlyDVD club dedicated to providing movies about love and compassion. She is responsible for therapid growth of this company that has now been acquired by Gaiam, Inc.

Chameli Ardaugh is one of the world's leading pioneers on contemporary feminine spirituality, Born in Norway, Chameli has inspired thousands of women around the world through her breakthrough methods for awakening and empowering of women and girls. Director, founder and senior teacher with the Awakening Women Institute (, she delivers public talks, seminars and trainings to women. She is especially appreciated for her passionate love of mythology and storytelling as a method for illuminating our hidden strength and beauty.

Chameli has taken every opportunity to become adept in her field through her own practice as well as through extensive training in group dynamics, meditation and spiritual counseling. She also has training as an actress, which adds an expressive and playful flavor to her approach. She is initiator of a global network of groups for women, and the author of two books on feminine empowerment and spirituality, which have been published in three languages.

Chameli was featured in the book Ordinary Women, Extra-ordinary Wisdom: The Feminine face of Awakening ( by Rita Marie Robinson and was also featured in The Translucent Revolution by Arjuna Ardagh, as an authority on feminine spiritual practice.

Grandmother Mona Polacca: Hopi/Havasupai/Tewa elder, has a Master of Social Work degree. She is an honorary member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. She serves on several United Nations committees on indigenous people's issues and is a featured author, speaker, and educator on indigenous people's human rights, aging, mental health, addiction and violence. She is also the President/CEO and faculty of the Turtle Island Project, a non-profit program that promotes a vision of wellness by providing trans-cultural training to individuals, families, and healthcare professionals.

Grandmother Mona says:

Indigenous people have come through a time of great struggle, a time of darkness. The way I look at it is like the nature of a butterfly. In the cocoon, a place of darkness, the creature breaks down into a fluid and then a change, a transformation, takes place. When it is ready and in its own time, it begins to move and develop a form that stretches and breaks away from this cocoon and emerges into this world, into life, as a beautiful creature.

We grandmothers, we have emerged from that darkness, see this beauty, see each other and reach out to the world with open arms, with love, hope, compassion, faith and charity.

Liana Chaoouli, Image Therapist, Couture Designer, Executive Director of Image Therapists, Intl., and Internationally recognized Speaker, Liana Chaouli, has spent two decades advising CEO's, celebrities and political figures on matters of personal style and image.

As an Image Therapist, she works closely with Entertainment Industry executives and celebrities with both their personal and award show wardrobes. Ms. Chaouli is a "go-to" expert for numerous news sources as an image and personal stylist and appears on major TV and radio shows. She authors articles in national and regional journals, addresses corporate groups, associations, and trade conventions on the impact of image and style on individual and corporate performance.

Working one on one with a limited number of private clients, Ms. Chaouli travels the world extensively. In four languages; English, Italian, German, and Persian, she conducts seminars and lectures on how to dress in a way that reflects authentically one's true personality and inner essence in all aspects of life.

Neelama Eyres' vision and greatest joy are to assist people on their journeys of "remembering"who they are. Neelama has been working in the field of personal transformation for over 13 years.Her background includes a B.A. in Comparative Religion, leading meditation and yoga retreats,facilitating seminars and trainings, counseling homeless people, teaching children and coachingadults. Her training began in 1995 as direct, hands-on-experience with participants in personalgrowth intensives.

Since 2000, she has been a life coach, facilitator and trainer for transformational workshops inthe U.S., Canada and Europe with Inner Journey Seminars. In 2001, she created Body Embraced,a seminar for women, out of her desire to transform the body discontent that most womenexperience into a vehicle for profound healing and growth. In 2004, she co-created Devotion:Calling The Beloved a spiritual retreat focused on discovering, experiencing and deepening one'spersonal connection to The Divine. In 2008, Neelama completed a training with Dr. Brian Weissin Past Life Regression Therapy. This therapeutic approach helps participants resolve traumasfrom early childhood and former lifetimes so they can live their full purpose and potential in this life.

Sabine Grandke-Taft: Since the late 70’s Sabine Grandke-Taft has practices over 20 modalities of body-centered healing as a Physical Therapist, CMT, Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Watsuer, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner [SEP] and Tantric apprentice as well as a student of The Waking Down in Mutuality Process. Sabine is an Embodiment Expert.Through these models, she brings to women and men a bodily approach to healing she calls Symphonic Touch® that teaches us how to feel and open our bodies as the trustable source to live the love and clarity that we already are! Sabine’s work is providing the missing link to make your spirit REAL!

Born in Germany and immigrated to the US in the late 90’s she has also lived and worked in India, Australia and was on staff for 3 years at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.

Sabine taught workshops at the Omega Institute, NY and The Crossings, TX. Sabine hosts her Radiant Embodiment workshops and individual Symphonic Touch® consultations for women, men and couples in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, and throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, NZ and Australia.

Sabine is facilitating her workshops inter/nationally by invitation. She currently lives in Marin County, CA with her husband and ’Schmusemutze’, the kitten.

What You'll Receive:

  • Eight 90-minute sessions with Devaa and guest faculty
  • Bonus workshop with Arielle Ford on “Manifesting the Love of Your Life”
  • PDF transcripts for each session
Title: The Beauty Way: Liberating Your Radiance and Finding Deep Fulfillment
Investment: $287

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