Take 7 Modules to Awaken to the
Love Presence That You Are – Free of Struggle,
Regardless of Your Circumstances – and Become a
Healing Force in the World

Imagine waking up in your bed early in the morning feeling unconditionally, divinely, unwaveringly, purely, deeply LOVED.

Imagine being FILLED with excitement because you know that you ARE this High Octave Love Vibration and that wherever you go today and whoever you see, you will touch, inspire and heal others just because you walked into the room.

And imagine you live this way AND you’re free of struggle and problems, regardless of what your external circumstances look like.

If only the experience of waking up everyday was truly like that for all of us. But the truth is, most of us don’t enjoy this reality on a consistent basis.

The question, of course, is why?

We all have access to a reservoir of limitless possibility and divine wisdom.

What we don’t always have, however, is the reliable means–the skillset of knowing HOW to tap into this nourishing reservoir–to be “plugged in” and more fully conscious in order to manifest our lives from a more potent place. And to do and BE that consistently. Every day.

When we are “plugged in,” we are constantly filled and rejuvenated from the INSIDE regardless of our external circumstances – which, paradoxically, results in an abundance of loving relationships, meaningful work, success, service and material beauty on the outside.

This is self-love.

But too many of us have distorted ideals of what it means to be conscious or enlightened, often involving striving, struggle, sacrificing, undermining our core human needs or just waiting for the perfect circumstances to “feel the love.”

Sound familiar?

Do you ever feel like there’s something you need to do, something you need to learn? Or you need another degree, a new job, a new partner – or something to make you feel more comfortable in life?

All of this seeking is just that you’ve yet to consistently tap into your own vast Love Presence, where you can walk your path with ease and grace and live into your own Divine Essence – the heart of self-love.

An easier, more joyful way is possible!

In this 7-module training, you’ll learn from a true modern-day healer, Dr. Sue Morter, on how to reprogram your subconscious beliefs, rewire your energetic circuits and de-stress your life so you can relax into the struggle-free path of manifesting the Divine Love that is at your core.

You’ll shed decades of patterns that keep you from the day-to-day, moment-to-moment ease, flow, grace that is always available to you.

And you'll learn an easily applicable system to tap into your Love Presence – and help others do the same.

Dr. Sue brings together expertise in the healing arts with remarkably powerful spiritual insights and a sophisticated understanding of the science of mind-body-spirit wholeness to create an unprecedented and easily applicable system to tap into your Love Presence.

She’ll call you home to the truth of who you really are, initiating you into your Full-Spectrum Self.

This course is vital for you if...

  • You’ve done plenty of transformational workshops and read plenty of transformational books, but are ready to take the BIG step to live from your True Self ALL THE TIME.
  • You’ve been on the conscious path for many years, and can’t seem to really break free from some of the same old patterns, negative self-talk and “stuff” that hold you back.
  • You know intellectually that you are LOVE, but you don’t yet feel it.
  • You’ve practiced visualizations and affirmations with limited success.
  • You KNOW you could be living from a deeper, more connected place of JOY and LOVE.
  • You’re ready to awaken to the FULLNESS of who you truly are, and then use the energy in your own body to become the CREATOR of your life.
  • You’re available to live from an aligned open and authentic place, ongoingly, that calls forth the life you truly want.

When you understand how to tap into the broader energies of the universe and experience your multi-dimensional essence, your Full-Spectrum Self, you access a field of potential that is Infinite Possibility. Limitless. Creative. Wondrous.

And when you give of yourself in service in the world, you can then pour forth that love – without depletion! And that, in turn is magnetic to more love – and abundance, satisfying work, deep relationships, a thriving life, even mastery.

Dr. Sue Morter is a rising star in the transformational field for a reason.

She brings together the full spiritual and physical picture in a way that no one else does – with the insights that come from powerful spiritual awakening and the grounded wisdom of someone who is steeped in Western science and healing practices.

It’s a potent initiation into your Full-Spectrum Self, where you can awaken to your own Love Presence and become a healing, blessing force in the world.

Here’s how you’ll benefit:

During 7 modules, you’ll take leaps in understanding the science and practice of self-love and learn to:

  • Create a shift to true self-love as the new foundation for your life
  • Become a healing and blessing force to all those you come in contact with
  • Master your own bodily energetics to begin to break free of long-held limitations
  • The most efficient use of your energy, focus and consciousness and how to manifest according to your original divine blueprint
  • Transform the “lack consciousness” within your reality into a higher dimensional version of reality
  • Interpret your body’s multidimensional language so you can be more relaxed, aware and fluid throughout your day
  • Clear out lower vibrations and patterns in your body and open up to the higher frequencies of LOVE
  • Stop perceiving love is something you “get” or “find” and instead understand that love IS you, freeing you up to create a life that is truly, joyfully YOURS

An important message from Dr. Sue

Dear friends,

I invite you to step into the field of infinite possibility with me – and truly experience a life of real, divine love and abundance. It’s a place of tremendous joy. Magic. And a great sense of ease.

Wouldn’t you just love to relax into a place of “Aaaahh” in your life and know that all your needs are being met?

That you’re living your highest purpose, and you’re a radiant, WHOLE being emanating that love and grace wherever you go?

I feel blessed to have made this shift myself and learned the “secrets” to teach others. In 7 modules, I’ll give you the essence of all I’ve learned.

Self-love isn’t about retreating into a cocoon of a perfect diet or isolated cave or just doing your meditation practices.

And it’s not just about taking more vacations or bubble baths or speaking your truth in a difficult situation.

It’s about coming home to your true Self, living from your heart and working in harmony with the energy of your body and the planet.

When we create that harmony, we are then able to manifest a truly wondrous life that is overflowing with goodness on every level – including materially.

Thus, this course includes a focus on awakening spirituality, opening up to higher octaves of guidance, vision and insight... and THEN manifesting that awakening in very practical, concrete ways.

On this journey with me, I’ll help you release limitations in your thoughts, your body and your energy systems, enabling you to tap into the limitless possibility that is your birthright.

As you learn to live from a higher, heart-centered frequency, you automatically dial into the frequencies of the natural world.

You’re no longer trying to be someone else – just YOU – your radiant, unconditional Self, expressing the love that is already at your core.

So let’s ride the waves of the universe together, connect with Source, and express that in our abundant lives. That’s how you can create a life of infinite possibility and Grace.

I look forward to our journey together!
Dr. Sue Morter

What You’ll Learn: Course Overview

Module 1: Awakening to Your True Self

In this first module with Dr. Sue Morter, you’ll discover:

  • How to intentionally master your own bodily energetics and waveforms to begin to break free of long-held limitations
  • How you can transform the embedded “lack consciousness” in our culture into a higher dimensional version of reality – which is Self-Love
  • The ability to speak your body’s multidimensional language so you can be more relaxed, aware and fluid throughout your day
  • Specific tools (which will be built upon each module) for helping you awaken to your Full Divine Potential

Module 2: Determining Your True Identity and Your Highest Purpose

In the second session, you’ll discover:

  • Techniques that release you from the “props” of this dimension and give you access to your true Essence
  • The side effects of mastering Core Consciousness – physical healing – and how to intentionally manifest your healing powers using bio-energetic technology
  • The perfection of your life story and clarity on your purpose for being here
  • How to “clean house” in order to make room for higher level manifesting via a clearer vibrational resonance in the body

Module 3: Accessing Your Higher Council for Divine Manifesting

In the third session, you’ll discover:

  • How to weave together your conscious, subconscious, unconscious and non-conscious parts of you to create an authentic, sustainable transformation in your life
  • How to apply the gifts of the Third Eye – giving you access to your Higher Council, the great clarity you have within and refining that which you’re already aware of
  • Specific techniques for embodying the higher frequencies of your Soul Purpose

Module 4: Course-Correcting and Shape-Shifting Your Intentions, Dreams and Aspirations

In module four, you’ll discover:

  • Why enlightenment isn’t enough and why embodiment is essential for life mastery
  • Specific embodiment techniques for reading what your subconscious and unconscious aspects are revealing to you
  • The most efficient use of your energy, focus and consciousness and how to manifest according to your original blueprint
  • How to shape-shift the outcome of your ideal life vision and override your subconscious
  • Breathwork to awaken the core creative centers in your body for greater receptivity to Spirit

Module 5: Relationships & Their Soulful Purpose in Your Grand Plan

In session five, you’ll discover:

  • Why you must gain a higher perspective of relationships and why, if you don’t, every attempt to understand or improve your experience will ultimately fall short
  • Techniques for distinguishing between your Higher Self, True Self and Authentic Self – and how an entirely new world opens up to you once you do
  • How to communicate from this higher vibrational version of life and how to listen from an embodied space of enlightenment
  • How to rewire your perception of relationships and view them from a quantum perspective

Module 6: The Global Significance of Self-Love

In session six, you’ll discover:

  • How to take note of the obvious nudging from your everyday life that indicates you are not grounded in self-love and what to do about it the moment you notice
  • The truth about life: why the hard part is getting to the easy part and how you can make it easier for yourself
  • How to radiate your Heart Field and increase it at-will to make it personal, global or Divine
  • How you can easily impact others’ ability to love themselves

Module 7: Cultivating a Daily Practice that Produces Tangible Results and Serves Your Abundant Nature

In the final session with Dr. Sue Morter, you’ll discover:

  • A daily practice that has you producing in the realm of infinite possibility and accessing true abundance in your life
  • How your nervous system and the electromagnetic energy system of your body work together to create in the physical world
  • Why being your most Authentic Self serves the world in the best possible way
  • Your Core Presence flowing more easily than ever before and begin visioning the awakened you in the days and years to come
  • How you can deepen your work with the techniques taught thus far

Bonus Audio: Awaken Your Divine Potential & Reconnect to Your Abundance
With Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

In this one-hour bonus session, you’ll hear Dr. Michael Beckwith and Dr. Sue Morter share the truth about the Divine Abundance that is at your core. Their insights and energy will support you in reconnecting to your true identity, from which your dreams can manifest with ease and joy.

Dr. Michael Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, where he speaks to a congregation of more than 9,000 people modulely. He is also the co-chair of the Season for Nonviolence along with Arun Gandhi and was one of the featured teachers in The Secret movie and bestselling book. He is one of the most prominent spiritual leaders in America, inspiring transformation in millions of people.

What Others Say About Dr. Sue Morter...

"'Life doesn't happen to you, it happens through you.' Dr. Sue reveals great wisdom."

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Agape International Spiritual Center

"I’ve gotten to know hundreds of the world’s spiritual leaders and transformational pioneers and Sue stands out as one of the brightest lights and most awakened beings I’ve met. You’ll be well served to pay attention to this luminous woman as she calls you home to your divine Self."

Stephen Dinan
CEO, The Shift Network

"I had the privilege of sharing the TEDxNASA stage with Dr. Sue in November...and it was a chance to be witness to genius in action. I knew when I heard her message that A) She is ahead of her time which means B) the rest of us have a lot of catching up to do...truly a visionary."

John St. Augustine
Award-winning talk radio host

"Dr. Sue – What an absolute honor it was to interview and dialogue with you. You are an invigorating, on fire and on purpose powerhouse whose desire is to instill our own indisputable knowledge of our greatness and our worthiness. One cannot help but by shifted by you."

Farhana Dhalla
Author, speaker and coach

"I wanted to send you my sincere and overwhelming love and gratitude for the impact you are having in my life. Your work and material that I have been studying for the last 8 modules has changed me and continues to change me every day as I grow more and more into the higher self that I am meant to be."

"I have tried to meditate in so many ways, with so many different techniques all of the country. I’ve gone to Assisi in Italy and Lourdes in France, tried Wayne Dyer and japa meditation. I moved to Sedona, Arizona and tried everything possible. I could not meditate. But for some reason, the way Dr. Sue did it, that’s when I went into my deepest meditation ever. It was unbelievable. Thank you so much for the experience. It changed my life."
Donna C.

"One day I was jumping around YouTube and just happened to see your face on one of the videos and opened it. The video I opened was ’You are the one you have been waiting for.’ Your presence hit me so deeply at a time when I was absolutely ready to just fall down with mental and physical exhaustion and call it quits... You were able to touch my soul... you EXACTLY expressed what I needed to see and hear in the perfect time and in the perfect way."
United Arab Emirates

What You Will Receive:

  • 1 Seven 90-minute Audio Class Sessions
  • 2 Bonus Audio Session with Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
  • 3 Unlimited access to recordings of all class sessions and bonuses (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player)
  • 4 PDF transcripts for each class session
  • 5 Weekly exercises and practices for deep inquiry and action-learning
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About Dr. Sue Morter

Dr. Sue Morter is an internationally recognized authority on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Possibility. She can be seen in documentary films, internet television and radio interviews and live conferences worldwide. Her high-energy platform presence ignites passion, imparts knowledge and affects audiences around the globe through her keynote addresses, workshops and programs.

She is a leading authority and master of the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), a neuro-emotional process that addresses the mind, body and spirit and their integrated influence on health. Having been raised in a natural healthcare environment coupled with her commitment to living her soul purpose in a practical way, Dr. Sue founded Morter HealthCenter in 1987 for the purpose of bringing these Mind/Body concepts to Life.

Far too often concepts like stress, pressure, and deadlines determine daily experiences and diffuse efforts of maintaining a balanced life. Through Dr. Sue’s healing messages and techniques, individuals are able to bridge the worlds of spirituality and practical living to co-create a life filled with purpose, passion and inner peace.

Dr. Sue is nationally published and has served on professional licensing boards, providing guidance to health care practitioners on integrative approaches to health care leadership. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, a Mastermind participating in such projects as the movie The Secret, has offered trainer support for the Tony Robbins Organization, and serves on advisory boards and panel discussions on how to integrate mind/body principles into daily life and the workplace.

In addition to her private practice, Morter HealthCenter, she is founder and visionary of the Morter Institute, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques and a new approach to life based on Quantum Science. She also founded Soulful Science Productions, a production company focused on providing support for autistic and differently-abled children through guided meditation and affirmations.

Dr. Sue’s winning approach to helping individuals learn how to say “Yes, I Am” to possibilities and success, awakens true power and personal freedom. Dr. Sue feels privileged to share her powerful conviction and passion of discovering innovative ways to empower the Spirit in Humanity.

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