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Do you long to live a purposeful life of love,
accomplishment and profound fulfillment?
Are you willing to move beyond what holds you back?
Then you’re ready to master The Vital Seven.

The Vital 7 is your call to step up and become a man of heart and healthy masculinity.

It’s your call to show up for yourself and others in a new way-in the bedroom and the office, at the family dinner table and in the whole game of life.

It’s your call to pick up a new set of tools and tap a new experience of masculinity that will allow you to manifest your destiny and create a better world for all.

It’s your call to embrace the concepts, practices and principles of the Vital 7, which will make you a master in the art of extraordinary living.

So, How Will You Benefit?

Join internationally renowned speaker and trainer David Fabricius for The Vital 7 course and you’ll learn key practices and insights to:

  • Become a man of purpose, courage, integrity and accountability
  • Develop a more conscious and contemporary masculinity that will make you a better father, lover, friend, businessman, entrepreneur, and local and global citizen
  • Shed the emotional armor that has blocked your creativity and capacity for love
  • Help lead the global shift in men’s consciousness that will enable you to co-create a new world
  • Provide for, protect and lead loved ones and colleagues through these uncertain times
  • Heal emotional and spiritual wounds and experience peak performance in all areas of your life
  • Model conscious masculinity for younger men who may be risk of being lost to gangs and to the military due to a lack of conscious male ritual and initiation

And so much more!

Create Your Own Extraordinary Life with
Proven, Best-Practices Of Elite World Leaders

Hundreds of elite political leaders and maverick business and military leaders around the world have used David Fabricius’ best practices to create lives of meaning, balance, passion and purpose.

And now you, too, can master the Vital 7, the keys to an extraordinary life, which will enable you to:

  1. Enrich your spirituality through different types of prayer and mediation that sparks self-healing and create a deeper connection to your higher self and a higher power.
  2. Develop your mental powers of affirmation and visualization so that you can manifest the highest good for you and your loved ones.
  3. Create the body you desire through ancient exercises and practices from around the world, and treat your “temple” with all the care you would treat a loved one.
  4. Practice “intelligent” nutrition, using foods and techniques from around the world to create optimal health and increase your sexual potency and vitality.
  5. Fulfill your highest purpose in the areas of leadership, conscious wealth creation and philanthropy.
  6. Build harmonious and mutually empowering relationships with family, friends and members of your community.
  7. Cultivate joy by spending quiet with yourself and increase your romantic and sexual bliss; and provide for and protect your family from a place of healthy, conscious masculinity.

An Important Message From David Fabricius

Men, are you as concerned about the state of the world and masculinity as I am? And, are you suffering silently as a result?

Are you living up to your full potential as a man of purpose, integrity and accountability?

Do you want to know how to tap into more of your own potential and become more potent and capable as a man?

Perhaps you, too, have wondered whether we are heading for a breakdown or a breakthrough and want to learn how to live with more authentic masculine power, clarity and certainty in these uncertain times.

We have before us an unprecedented opportunity to shift men’s consciousness across the globe and cocreate peace and prosperity for all. The solutions are already available to us; all that is needed is our individual and collective will.

This is our time and our opportunity to envision and cocreate the world we want to see and leave for our children and their children’s children.

So, I call on you, my brothers, to step forward and take your place alongside men from around the globe who care and want positive change.

Now is the time! Now is the time to fully engage in life from an open heart and a conscious mind.

The male imperatives have always been to protect and to provide. And for many of us, it’s difficult and complex to live up to that deep masculine longing.

So when and how do we protect our families and the planet?

Worldwide, we have disappointed the women of our world. We are exploiting one another, killing one another and not trusting each other. We are trampling the earth and we are raping, polluting and plundering Her. Wars are raging across the planet, and our elders, woman and children fear for the future.

There is a better way to live.

We need men of heart, who embody healthy, integrated masculinity, to step up. Men like you who can answer the call among women, children and elders who are asking: “Where are the good men?”

We need the best men to step up for these times as leaders to bring love and connection instead of fear and separation. This call is for men to bring forth peace.

In spite of the risks and breakdowns around us, the winds of good fortune are blowing. It is time for us to raise our sails, and make our way forward to a conscious world of greater love, joy and connection.

If these words resonate with your magnificent masculine heart, then I urge you to join me now for the Vital 7 Course.

Your brother in spirit,


How Does This Course Work?

Renowned men’s trainer and transformational speaker David Fabricius will personally guide you through seven live, hands-on sessions that you can access via your phone or computer – each week dedicated to one of the Vital 7.

Get ready to begin your new and truly extraordinary life!

Week 1: Becoming a Spiritually Rich Man (March 28th)

Week One we explore one of the most vital aspects of extraordinary living: spirituality. This is where the rubber meets the road.
If you yearn to be a man of courage, compassion and strong capabilities during this critical time in human history, you must develop your spiritual life and your connection with the divine.

This week, you’ll learn:

  • How to apply spiritual practices from different traditions to your business and your relationships, health and sexuality
  • Profound spiritual practices that enable you to build your faith in the higher good and thus optimize your joy, self-confidence and performance in work and play
  • How to pray, mediate and chant in ways that promote self-healing and healing for the people in your life and the planet.

Week 2: Developing Your Mental Acuity and Powers of Manifestation (April 4th)

Your mind is one of your most powerful allies and tools on this seven-week virtual “trek” towards your new life. David will share his insights and proven techniques for developing your mental powers – some of which he’s only shared with business and military elites.

This week, you’ll learn:

  • The best, most time-tested (and positive) mental and visualization techniques to create the life you yearn for
  • How you can apply your inner resources to enhance your mental game
  • Why the world’s elite professionals and leaders use positive affirmations and visualization, and how these tools will make you a better man and more inspired and capable leader at home and work and in your community

Week 3: Treating Your Body as Your Temple (April 11th)

Authentic masculinity isn’t just about strengthening the mental and spiritual aspects of your life; it’s also about creating the physical body you want.

Good health can lead to better sex, more intimacy AND even more satisfying work.

This week, you’ll learn:

  • Breathwork and movement practices that enhance your physical wellbeing
  • How to optimize your lymph system for better health and vitality
  • Exotic yet simple techniques from Tibet, China, India and other cultures that tone your body and tune its energy systems
  • Easy, yet powerful exercises you can do anywhere so that when you travel, you don’t lost momentum – or muscle mass
  • Techniques for losing body fat and gaining lean muscle so you feel and look fantastic

Week 4: Eating Intelligently (April 18th)

Balance, variety and moderation define intelligent eating. During Week 4, you’ll be exposed to practical and proven nutritional solutions for optimum health – and ways you can “make food your medicine.”

And when you apply what you learn, you’ll feel good and look good and start to perform at your peak-in the bedroom, boardroom and out on the trail.

This week, you’ll learn:

  • The power and practice of proper elimination and the benefits of colon cleansing
  • Techniques for high-performance nutrition
  • How to use Aphrodisiac foods to enrich your sex life
  • Exotic, nutrition-rich recipes from around the world
  • The benefits of plant-based diets, organic living and local food production.

Week 5: Discovering Your Life’s Purpose (April 25th)

You possess an unlimited capacity for authentic personal and professional power and love, leadership and service. Now, it’s time for you to discover your life’s purpose and to manifest it – without excuses, apologies or compromises.

This week, you’ll learn:

  • How to discover and begin to manifest your life’s purpose
  • Immediate strategies for enterprise and community leadership
  • Methods for conscious wealth creation, wealth preservation, wealth sharing and planetary healing.

Week 6: Deepening Your Connection with Family, Friends & Communities (May 2nd)

Harmonious relations are one of the keys to a successful life. Week 6 is your opportunity to begin showing up for your family, friends and community – as a fully present and engaged man.

This week, you’ll learn:

  • Simple techniques for harmonizing the family unit
  • Ways to build and lead communities toward greater cohesion and abundance
  • Techniques such as “gift circles” that create and strengthen your community

Week 7: Thriving with Personal Downtime, Sexual Bliss, and Providing for Your Loved Ones (May 9th)

It’s time for you to put personal downtime and quiet at the very top of your “to do” list. The gifts of self-care are inner calm and an unshakeable confidence, PLUS romantic and sexual bliss. This week, you’ll also get crystal clear about your biological role as provider and protector for your loved ones.

This week, you’ll learn:

  • Easy and engaging practices that will make you WANT to take time with yourself
  • How to use healthy communication, romance, Tantric techniques, Taoism and erotica to increase your sexual bliss
  • Defense philosophies and strategies that you and every parent, single person and child should know
  • Simple techniques used by the elite military forces you can also use to protect yourself and your family

Bonus Session #1

Finding Life Balance Through Indigenous Wisdom & Ritual
With Tim Ballingham and Kyle Shinners

Inspirational leaders Tim Ballingham and Kyle Skinner bring a unique perspective on life balance for men. Drawing from years of engagement with Native American and Far East traditions, these two spiritual mavericks will share principles and practices for restoring yourself, your family, your community and our planet.

You’ll learn how to integrate indigenous wisdom and ritual to achieve more life balance and strengthen your connection to Source, other men, and the women and children in your life.

Tim Ballingham is a 35-year practitioner of Native American ceremonies and the former Native American Projects Director of the Cross-Cultural Studies Program. A skilled ceramicist, Tim’s work has been on exhibit at Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery and appeared in popular professional and international publications. Tim is also vice president of Earth Mother Productions, which produced the acclaimed series, "Earth Mother Lullabies from Around the World.”

Kyle Shinners is a journeyman dedicated to artfully walking the path of Spirit. He is co-founder of Harmonix Health, has traveled extensively in Asia and teaches Qi Gong. He serves on the core council of Tribal Convergence whose mission is to co-create intentional communities through local men’s circles and other methods. As a younger man, Kyle was an all-American lacrosse player.

Bonus Session #2

Men, Heal Thy Selves: Seven Steps to Personal and Global Awakening
With Dr. Emmett Miller

How do we heal ourselves? And how does our own healing help the world heal?

Dr. Emmett Miller, one of the fathers of mind/body medicine, will share his diagnosis of the threats the human race is currently facing, and share his seven-step holistic treatment plan for you, and the planet.

Like many teachers, Emmett stresses that individual healing leads to global healing. And yet, his background as a physician, scientist, musician and master storyteller offer a distinct view of personal and global awakening for men.

Emmett Miller, M.D. is one of the fathers of holistic and mind/body medicine. His multicultural heritage has given him a unique social, medical, and spiritual perspective. He is founder of the world’s first Cancer Support and Education Center in Menlo Park, CA, and the author of Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine. Leading hospitals and health professionals, performers, and Olympic athletes use Emmett’s pioneering deep relaxation and guided imagery audio recordings for mind/body healing and performance enhancement.

Bonus Session #3

Living The Samurai Code
With James Williams, Kaicho (Headmaster), Nami ryu Aiki Heiho

A headmaster of a classic, authentic samurai tradition, James Williams works with some of the most dangerous men on the planet. He brings a deep understanding of the code of the samurai and how the samurai existed to stop fear and destruction and bring forth peace.

This session will focus on the importance of men to bring forth peace so society can blossom. James embodies a form of samurai masculinity in a very big way and he will discuss the importance of courage; to take the sword and cut away what no longer serves you and the importance of having courage so you can have true compassion.

He will also explore the importance of courtesy and how it lubricates society with respect and dignity. The final piece of the session will be capability, where each man has to improve his capability to be a guardian of what is good in society, to provide for his family, to be a positive contributor to the world. James is a world-renowned trainer and subject matter expert on samurai way of living and its code of ethics – philosophy principles and practices.

James Williams is president of Bugei Trading Company. He has been studying martial arts since 1960 and teaching since 1975. James has trained, competed in and taught a number of different martial disciplines: Japanese, Okinawan, Chinese, Filippino, as well as the Brazilian system of Jujitsu as taught by Rorion and Royce Gracie. A certified instructor of the ancient Russian martial art Systema, James also teaches a close-quarters method of combat to policeman and military personnel around the world. James developed the Hissatsu, a close-quarter battle knife produced and marketed by Columbia River Knife & Tool.

This Course is for You If You Are...

...Concerned about the state of the world and masculinity and yearn to be a man of purpose, integrity and accountability

...Courageous enough to open your heart and your mind so you can lead a life of balance, bliss and contribution

...Want to help lead a massive shift men’s consciousness across the globe and cocreate peace and prosperity for all

Join David Fabricius, internationally renowned trainer, speaker, and transformational mentor for some of the world’s most powerful men for this seven-week experience of YOUR AUTHENTIC MASCULINITY!

What Others Say About David Fabricius...

“David Fabricius introduces men to the knowledge and experience of ancient days when honor and courage were held in high esteem. I highly recommend David to anyone who wants learn how to become a man of courage, courtesy and capability. He embraces and teaches the Samurai concept of a man of honor who protected the people, set an example by his character and behavior, and brought forth peace to allow the society to blossom.”
James Williams, Kaicho (Headmaster)
Nami ryu Aiki Heiho
“David Fabricius is an extraordinarily gifted trainer of men in an age that is immensely in need of them to be their best. His approach in uniquely comprehensive and compassionate. He inspires men to believe in themselves, to trust wisely, to break down the walls of fear that hold them back and to see themselves in service to a larger whole. No where else have I come across a trainer who can tackle the large issues facing men today in ways that are so practical, applicable and inspirational.
Tim Ballingham, Master in the Ceramic Arts
Dedicated 35-year practitioner of Native American spirituality
“The Shift Vision offers powerful tools for personal growth and for the creation of a peaceful, sustainable world. David possesses a deep understanding of the initiation process in that special way that men relate to enthusiastically. This is the cutting edge in men’s work for the new millenium.”
Emmett Miller, MD, coach, physician, global visionary
"David Fabricius is a powerful catalyst for human and economic growth"
Raymond Moodley, Executive Business Manager, Microsoft
“David Fabricius’ Daily Seven system: the secret of living a life of balanced excellence is an excellent system. I like it because I built a great deal of my entire business career with programs I call becoming a total person living a balanced life.”
Paul J. Meyer, Founder of Success Motivation Institute, Inc (SMI)
“David Fabricius is an extraordinary soul that shares with us a unique insight to life, success and happiness.”
Jose Antonia La Rosa, MBA, Harvard Business School; managing director and founder of SUPRA (the leading training organization in Latin America)

What You’ll Receive in These Seven Extraordinary Weeks

  1. Seven 90-minute class sessions with David Fabricius, including live, interactive calls plus Q&A time. Classes at 5:00pm Pacific on Wednesday evenings.
  2. Seven 30-minute small group practice sessions
  3. Two INCREDIBLE BONUS SESSIONS to be announced
  4. Weekly exercises and practices for deep inquiry and action-learning
  5. Optional online learning community throughout each week with other course participants
  6. Unlimited access to recordings of all class sessions (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player)
  7. PDF transcripts for each class session
Course: The Vital Seven with David Fabricius
Wednesdays, 5:00pm Pacific, March 28 – May 9
Price: $157/month for 2 months
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! See below for our refund policy.

About David Fabricius

David Fabricius is an initiator of men into healthy, authentic and conscious 21st century masculinity. He is also a highly sought after speaker, trainer and facilitator, known for having trained top business leaders, world champion strength athletes, tier one Special Forces soldiers, and super wealthy maverick entrepreneurs.

All across Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America and beyond he has trained elite audiences in principles, strategy and practices proven to significantly enrich your life and infuse it with meaning and purpose.

David draws deep from the well of ancient wisdom and cutting edge thinking. He is a gifted teacher and uncommon trainer with thought provoking, delightfully refreshing and sometimes even shocking insights into human spirituality, sexuality, security, and wellbeing, especially focused on men.

He knows that our gifts will make a way for us and bring us before great men and great women to testify of the love and goodness of Source and that the gifts and calling Source gives each of us are irrevocable and the key to our success.

His spiritual and MKP Initiated name is Eagle Medicine, and his core spiritual mission to lead men/people to discover their life’s purpose revealed and to manifest it magnificently without excuse, apology and compromise.

David knows both the joys of tremendous success and the pain of great suffering very intimately. No matter where you are in life, at the top of your own success mountain or in the depth of despair he has a message for you.

Now, David is committed to help The Shift Network accelerate the evolution of human consciousness as the Director of Men’s Programs.

Join David and break free from what’s holding you back. You’ll elevate not only the quality of your life but also the quality of life for all living beings on our planet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a virtual course?
A: It’s a great way to engage live teachings and each other from the comfort of your home! All you need is a phone line (or an equivalent voice service). If there is more than one person in your household taking the course, you will each need your own line. So relax in your pajamas and sip on a cup of hot tea, and enjoy not having to get in your car to go anywhere!

Q: How do I call in?
We use MaestroConference to make it just like an in-person event, where you can ask questions, participate in groups, and deepen your exploration of the course themes.

Please note that dialing MaestroConference from your phone is a regular toll call to California, and your telephone service provider will charge you according to your existing long-distance calling plan. You can also use Skype credit/subscription (www.skype.com) or Google Voice (google.com/voice) to dial in to MaestroConference, and you’ll need to use your virtual keypad to enter your PIN and to indicate that you want to ask a question. Other options include calling cards and discount long-distance carriers, and we also have a webcast which is free to use from anywhere in the world.

Q: Can I get benefit from the course if I miss the live classes?
A: Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all course sessions from our online media archive, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage the full community and leaders on our private community website.

Q: Are there scholarships available for this Training?
A: Yes, we always make a certain percentage of spaces available for partial scholarships, giving preference to those in developing countries or doing important but underpaid work to which they can apply the training material immediately. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please review our guidelines, which include a link to our online application form.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Your satisfaction with The Shift Network and this course is our highest priority! If you find that the course is not meeting your needs, please submit a request at support.theshiftnetwork.com so that we can address your concerns. We offer a satisfaction guarantee so that you can try out the course risk-free. Submit refund requests at support.theshiftnetwork.com with the subject line "Refund request."

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