Join universal healer Grandmother Flordemayo for a 5-session course in the art of indigenous feminine wisdom. You will learn simple and effective practices to help you heal your life and those around you, free your heart and navigate these prophetic times.

A course for both women and men, this timeless training will help you turn the everyday mundane into the sublime sacred, infusing each moment of your life with the love of the divine.

Born the youngest of 15 children in the highlands of Central America, Grandmother Flordemayo was found at an early age – like others in her family – to have the gift of Sight. By age four, she was being trained by her midwife and healer mother in the art of curanderismo – shamanistic practices handed down for generations to cure physical and spiritual illnesses.

As a seer, Grandmother Flordemayo learned to discern the effects of existing imbalances on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels within a person’s energy system.

She travels the globe to share her healing abilities and foster more spiritual understanding among people. And now, for the first time ever, she is offering her healing wisdom in a series of virtual trainings!

We feel that this course is particularly important as interest builds around the year 2012, a significant transitional year in the Mayan calendar. Grandmother Flordemayo will share how to navigate this prophetic time of great shifts -- which precedes and goes beyond 2012 -- in the most spiritually mature and grounded way, in addition to dissolving myths people hold about this time.

Bringing the Spirit of Shamanism into Your Everyday Life is a unique opportunity for you to receive the guidance and heart-based wisdom of a Mayan-trained priestess and leader in the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

You will learn from the ease of your own home, in a way that feeds your soul, while also empowering the shared work of our collective healing.

Join us for this extraordinary offering with Grandmother Flordemayo – one of our most revered elders and modern-day shamans.

When you immerse yourself in these healing practices and ancient wisdom, you can help us all address the crises of our modern culture. You can help bring greater harmony, prosperity and sustainability to our families, our communities and to our world.

How You Will Benefit

We all have much to gain from feminine shamanic wisdom and indigenous healing practices that can serve our modern-day culture. Join Grandmother Flordemayo for this 5-session in-depth course and you will learn to:

  • Embrace your daily work as sacred – from paying bills to washing dishes and everything in between
  • Receive greater guidance from your dreams and visions
  • Simplify your life and let go of the things that no longer serve your higher purpose
  • Discover the vibration of the words you use & how they can help you access the universal flow
  • Open to profound beauty and fall deeply in love with the world around you again
  • Enter into sacred ritual time and respect natural flows of energy, attention, and time
  • Become intimate with the teacher within you
  • Enter into stillness and dialogue with everything around you
  • Connect in a profound way to the rhythms & cycles of nature and gain knowledge of the healing properties of the plant and mineral kingdoms
  • Speak to non-physical beings and draw strength and guidance from their wisdom
  • Renew your hope for our future and understand the unique role you play
A Note from Grandmother Flordemayo

Greetings, dear friend!

I’m writing to you on this glorious spring day where the wildflowers are popping up in gorgeous display and the air is fresh from rain.

What’s in my heart today is that humanity, like never before, is at a critical crossroads. We can only go one way – as we cannot go in two directions at the same time. And what I know is that we must go into the light, into our deep knowing and connection with all of Life – as one tribe.

We have the opportunity to set ourselves on a new path, and we can do this by tuning into the stillness, our innermost being and to the world around us. We can connect deeply with nature and learn from her ways. And we can learn to fall in love with the world exactly as it is.

When we do this, we transform ourselves – and everything around us. It’s a simple message, I know. But it’s not always easy to practice this way of life.

Since the age of four, my mother trained me in the ancient healing practices passed down from mother to daughter for many generations in our Central American culture. I’ve been honing my skills and working with people from all over the world, so they can heal, thrive and connect deeply with their inner being.

And now I’m so excited to share with you here in this virtual format. In the spirit of love and deep gratitude for all that is, I invite you to join me for these 5 sessions.

From my heart to yours,

What You Will Learn: Course Overview

In preparation for all of the classes, Grandmother Flordemayo attunes to the collective energy of those present in each session, drawing from the inspiration and guidance of Spirit for each particular time and place. Though there are themes for each session, Flordemayo draws from the inspiration and guidance of Spirit and the collective of those present.

Session 1: Falling in Love with the World & Embracing the Sacred in the Everyday

Living a sacred life is about falling in love with where you are right now, embracing everything as perfect for your path. You will discover that you truly do not need to wait for better or different circumstances for you to LOVE all. When you move into that place of beauty, you will realize what it means to be a true human. In this session, you will:

  • Know that you were born in the right culture and right time for YOU
  • Learn to find your connection to the divine while doing the laundry or making dinner
  • Enter into stillness and dialogue with everything around you
  • Practice loving everything and everybody

Session 2: The Universal Path of the Priestess

Grandmother Flordemayo shares her journey from her early childhood instruction in shamanic practices and later her traditional Mayan training to her current path as a Universal Priestess. She will show you how to walk YOURS, freely drawing on simple wisdom and practices that will help you reconnect—again and again—to the divine. In this session you will:

  • Learn to connect with a universal source of wisdom
  • Understand how to stay free within your particular tradition
  • Learn a simple practice of connecting to the divine feminine

Session 3: Accessing Visions, Dreams, and Guides: Speaking to Non-Physical Beings

Having clearer access to our visions, dreams, and guides is mostly about removing the filters and learning how to listen deeply. This session, Grandmother Flordemayo will teach you, in the spirit of shamanism, how to speak to non-physical beings. You will:

  • Learn to draw strength and wisdom from the unseen
  • Discover new interpretations for your dreams – and waking visions
  • Tune in to the guides that are available to help you on your path

Session 4: Connecting with the Healing Power of Plants and Minerals

Traditional healers first make contact with the spirit of plants and minerals before administering cures. In this class with Grandmother Flordemayo, she will teach you some simple practices, whether you are a healer or just want to deepen your connection with the natural world around you. In this session you will:

  • Learn simple practices to connect to the plant and mineral world
  • Open yourself to hearing subtle messages from nature

Session 5: Navigating the Times Ahead—“Year Zero” (2012) and Beyond

There have been many prophesies and also much misunderstanding about the current times and what is meant by the “shift.” Grandmother Flordemayo will dispel some of the myths about “the Mayan calendar,” and also share perspectives and practices to navigate through Year Zero and beyond. In the final session you will:

  • Open to a greater sense of safety about your place in time
  • Access deeper ways to navigate challenges in your physical world
  • Learn to be at peace no matter the circumstance
About Grandmother Flordemayo

Curandera espiritu (healer by divine spirit) and Mayan priestess Flordemayo is one of the 13 grandmothers of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, a global alliance that teaches ancestral ways of prayer, education and healing. Flordemayo was born in a small village on the Nicaragua Honduras border. Her father was a local shaman and her mother was a midwife and healer, whom Flordemayo apprenticed with from the age four. As her own children grew, Flordemayo began to work as a healer. Today, she uses the sacred breath, laying on of hands, application of herbs, as well as distance healing, with her clients.

Flordemayo has worked with alternative western healers, Native American and Mayan healers. She received her Mayan priest training from Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, a respected spiritual leader and head of the Quiche Maya Council of Elders. Flordemayo is now recognized as a “priestess” by the Maya. She is a founding member and President of The Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge.

Flordemayo has been a featured speaker on “Curanderismo” at many conferences on traditional medicine, both within the United States and internationally. Many alternative healing practitioners, medical doctors, nurses and medical institutions have recognized her knowledge and natural healing skills. She is a frequent presenter at international conferences such, as the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Bioneers, and is a recipient of the Martin de la Cruz Award for Alternative Healing, a prestigious honor given by the International Congress of Traditional Medicine.

Since 1999, Flordemayo has been a part of the Wisdom of the Grandmother’s Foundation. She is also founding director and on the board of the Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge in San Juan, New Mexico

What You Will Receive
  • Five 90-minute class recordings with Grandmother Flordemayo
  • Practices that help you take the transformative teachings of Grandmother Flordemayo and apply them to your life
  • Unlimited access to recordings of all class sessions (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player)
  • PDF transcripts for each class session
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“Everyone lightens. Each one of us is moving and vibrating as we become one as the light beings we are. All of us have been called. All of us feel the change and know the urgency of becoming One.” - Grandmother Flordemayo

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