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How to Access MaestroConference

Telephone Access

Trouble getting in? Please see the MaestroConference help page, and consider filling out an issue report or registering your phone number (not recommended if you are taking courses concurrently). In most cases, the problem can be solved simply by dialing one of the numbers in boldface below and entering your assigned PIN.

  • +1 530 216 4294
  • +1 510 281 1111
  • +1 408 740 6030
  • +1 408 520 2444
  • +1 916 235 1003
  • +1 510 281 1113
  • +1 530 216 4363
  • +1 310 409 2027
  • +1 805 747 4187
  • +1 916 469 4760
  • +1 949 202 1057
  • +1 323 393 4046
  • +1 916 469 4750

All of the access numbers above are located in California, USA.

Testing Your

You can at any time make a test call to MaestroConference by using your access option of choice and entering the following test PIN:


Note that this PIN can only be used for test calls. To connect to your course, enter the PIN provided in your course email confirmation and reminders.

Phone Keypad Controls

  1. Raise your hand to ask a question or make a comment.
  2. Opt out of breakout groups.
  3. (Reserved for special use - follow the instructions of your host.)
  4. Opt in to breakout groups.
  5. Request technical support.
  6. Mute/unmute your line.*

1 through 5 are Shift Network conventions only. Other organizations using MaestroConference may have different conventions.

* Note that the system does not give you feedback to let you know whether you have muted or umuted yourself. Therefore, we recommend using this function carefully.


Webphone and International Access

We strongly recommend access by webphone to all of our course and event participants outside of the United States.

In order to prevent echo when participating in live breakout groups and Q&A, we recommend either using a headset or keeping yourself muted when you are not speaking.

  • MaestroConference Webphone (recommended for PC and Mac computers): This works best with Chrome browser. Please note that it does not work with Safari, Internet Explorer, iPhone or iPad.
    1. Click here to access the webphone.
    2. Enter your PIN into the field provided.
    3. Click the Call button.
    4. Your browser may ask for permission to use your microphone - if so, click the Allow button.

When using other webphone options: note that you must enter your PIN by clicking on the webphone's virtual keypad, rather than typing it on your computer keyboard. Enter the PIN slowly and methodically. If your PIN is not recognized, please double-check the number and try again. If you continue to have trouble, consider using the MaestroConference Webphone (above) or our free webcast (below), or contact MaestroConference support.

  • Skype (recommended for iPad and other tablets): The free Skype app is required. Make a free Skype-to-Skype call to mcdirect1 or maestro4294, and add those IDs to your contacts, using the following links:

    [call mcdirect1] [add mcdirect1]

    [call maestro4294] [add maestro4294]

    Note that contact requests are not approved immediately, but you can still use the [call] links above or on your course homepage to connect. It can take up to 30 seconds to place your call, and it is normal to see the message "Your call is being forwarded free of charge; please wait."
  • Google Hangouts: Requires a Google account.
    • PC and Mac computers place calls from the Hangouts website.
    • Tablets require the free Hangouts app.

Discount Long-Distance and International Telephone Carriers

For customers who prefer to access events by telephone, we recommend using a discount calling card, or obtaining an account with a discount phone carrier in your country. Here are some examples:


You can also use our free webcast to listen to Shift Network events from anywhere in the world. Each event has a unique webcast link, which you can find on the event website/homepage.

The webcast also allows you to interact by submitting typed questions. But please note that the webcast does not allow you to ask questions verbally, or to participate in breakout group conversations. To do either of these things, you must be connected to MaestroConference by telephone or webphone.